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Benchtec is a electronic service and repair specialist  on the leading edge of slot machine spare parts and back to base repair support. Having spent more than a decade focusing on the needs of the slot technician in all facets of the Gambling and Wagering industry, GameTek Global never misses a beat.


We have developed strong relationships with our suppliers and customers and in most cases access OEM replacement parts for repairs. When that isn't possible we source from only approved suppliers of equivalent non-OEM parts. 

Because we don't always have electronic schematic diagrams for parts needing repair our specialist team have developed their skills to reverse engineer to determine root causes for faults.

We back our work with a full 3-month back-to-base warranty on workmanship and parts.

Slot machines


Benchtec is an electronic and electro-mechanical service and repair specialist based in Carrum Downs, Victoria. We are proud to provide services to an array of businesses in several industry sectors. 

Technology plays a big part in our everyday lives and we know sometimes it isn't always as reliable as we expect it to be.


In an era of 'throw-away' it is comforting to know you can still have your valued electronic equipment rescued by us.


Our beginnings started out in the gaming and wagering industry providing bench repairs to many of the field service providers. We are listed on Roll of Manufacturers, Suppliers and Testers with the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation.


Our team of electronic technicians with many years of experience behind them along with a professionally equipped service centre with modern testing and repair equipment are well placed to cater for your servicing and repair needs.


Our range of repairs covers, but not limited to:

  • Logic boards - Printed Circuit Boards

  • Power Supply Units

  • LCD Sceens

  • Coin Acceptor Mechanisms

  • Note Acceptor Validators

  • Note Counters

  • Printers

  • Scanners

  • Button Panels

  • Keyboards

  • Uninterrupted Power Supplies

  • Replacement of communications ports, i.e. USB, DVI, HDMI, etc.

Ball Grid Array assembled parts are no problem as we have the capability and equipment to successfully replace BGA components.

We provide your parts back in better condition than when they arrived at our workshop, all parts are given an ultrasonic clean before work commences if necessary.


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We can provide you with a comprehensive maintenance and cleaning of various coin validators including Condor, Qtec, Coinco and many other manufacturers.

Our Servies

Benchtec is the authorised service & repair centre for Wells Gardner Technologies, Inc. 

Wells Gardner manufacturers and distributes specialised products into the amusement & gaming markets.

Our association enables Benchtec to source parts and sub-assembly kits for your repair or warranty needs. It also provides us access to technical support, technical manuals and literature, so you can rely on Benchtec's fast turnaround and avoid unnecessary downtime of your equipment. 

Contact us if you have Wells Gardner equipment requiring service or repair. We can assist with warranty queries and provide a no obligation quote to repair if out of warranty. 




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